The Beginning
In the summer of 2015, friends Ishanee Mukherjee and Anirudh Chawla, fed up of their monotonous jobs decided to quit and work on starting something that they could call their own. The result of a lot of conversations and contemplations is Poochki, a hand-craft based women's wear label. Without a plan of action or much experience in the fashion and retail space, they decided to dive in and take their chances. They reasoned that in the worst of scenarios, they could always get back to their boring jobs.
Being animal enthusiasts, Poochki began with an intention of making chic and comfortable garments with a bigger social message. The duo took it on themselves to educate and create awareness regarding animals and the need for their conservation through their art. Shortly after, Ishanee and Anirudh saw their fauna inspired illustrations coming to life in the form of beautiful hand carved wooden blocks and hand-block prints.  
More than anything, the two were looking to build a brand that would allow them to live their dreams. They wanted to make that happen by creating a company that aligned with their personal values and the hope of leaving a lasting positive impact on the globe. They continue to follow through on this mission.